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For all lovers of tagliatelle and pasta in general, here is a delicious alternative to traditional pasta: tagliatelle corn and rice PASTA NATURA naturally gluten-free. Made with only corn flour and rice flour selected with the addition of water, our tagliatelle have a rough and porous surface as required by a good complex sauce rich in ingredients to be enjoyed to the full. They are born to be accompanied with condiments with strong flavors, but they are also best expressed with sauces with more delicate flavors.

The good of tagliatelle with corn flour and organic rice

The processing to prepare corn and rice noodles follows traditional methods: slow drying at low temperatures and bronze drawing to obtain a pasta that holds cooking well. What changes, with PASTA NATURA, is the desire to use naturally gluten-free ingredients capable of satisfying the different nutritional needs of those who want to eat gluten free or who, to follow the vegan or vegetarian diet, are looking for new products to taste. The combination of corn and rice is perfect because it is balanced in taste and nutritional properties, pasta natura corn and rice noodles are a must try.

The nutritional properties of organic corn and rice flour

Size flour is naturally gluten-free, very nutritious and satiating. It is a natural source of phosphorus, potassium, carotenoids such as zeaxanthin with antioxidant action, for which it is very appreciated, and monounsaturated fatty acids. In these tasty tagliatelle, corn flour is proposed together with rice flour, also gluten free and with a high energy index. Rice flour is also rich in carbohydrates, making our tagliatelle the ideal dish for lunch for athletes, students and anyone who needs to regain energy and concentration to face the rest of the day


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