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The white corn and spirulina shells will surprise you with their taste. Try them in different recipes, you will like it seasoned in every way.

This pasta is also ideal for feeding gluten intolerant people.

Organic Gluten Free Pasta with White Corn and Spirulina – Shells

Nutracentis pasta offers this original and surprising recipe: White Corn and Spirulina. Just one taste will be enough to convince anyone of the goodness of this recipe. White corn is an ancient cereal with good nutritional properties that together with spirulina offers a concentrate of health and well-being. Spirulina is an increasingly popular and sought-after superfood. You can enjoy it in Nutracentis pasta, this recipe will surprise you!

There are many qualities of this pasta. What makes it so good is the preparation process: bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperatures. This process guarantees the White Corn and Spirulina shells excellent cooking resistance and the right roughness to bind to the sauce.


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